About Barbod


I was born in Tehran, Iran in January 22nd, 2007. I moved to Canada in 2014 and I have lived here since!

I have loved sports my whole life. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball. I support Barcelona and the Toronto Raptors. I also play basketball for a rep team called the JCC Warriors. Another hobby I have is playing video games. I like to play NBA2k23 with my friends.

My favorite genre of music is rap and hip hop. My favorite artists in these ganres are Ice Spice, Drake, Gunna, and 21 savage.

My biggest fear the the open ocean. I think this is because most of the ocean isn't discovered yet so you never know what could be down there.

My favorite foods come from the two different cultures that I have experianced. From my Persian background I would say my favorite food is kebabs. From my Canadian background I would say that cheeseburgers are my favorite food.

My recent vacation to Cancun, Mexico was my favorite vacation I ever took. The beautiful Cancun waters and sizziling weather with delicious, cold drinks pool side added up to an experiance I'll never forget. I was also with my friend Hirad, Arteen, Ario, and Arsha which only added to the fun week we spent in Mexico.

The nickname many of my friends call me is "barbie". This has been my nickname from grade 4 until now. My mom however calls me "boz" which means baby sheep.

If I was a super-hero the super power I would have would be the ability to move stuff with my mind like Dr.Strange. This power seems very powerful and cool to have.